Eating Crow

Yep, that’d be me.  Eating a big plate of crow.
I am happy to admit that I was wrong about Princess.  I thought it was going to be a bunch of drama when she moved back to Smalltown.  I didn’t think she was serious about getting her life on the right track.  I thought she was going to be mooching off me and Hubby.  I thought she would end up living with us.
I was wrong.  I was wrong.  I was wrong.  And I’m sorry I misjudged her.
She did spend a couple of months with Jr and Girlfriend until she got a place of her own.  But she carried her weight over there.  Helping out around the house.  Getting a couple of jobs to help contribute to the food bill and other household expenses. 
She has a nice place for her and the grandkids.  She’s still working a couple of jobs in the field that she’s been trained for . . . she has a special knack for health care.  She’s even been helping Hubby get MIL’s house ready for auction.  All we need to do is ask and she’s right there . . . and she usually brings one or two of the grandkids with her.  It’s like we have our very own work crew. 
I’ve told her how proud I am of her.  How well I think she’s adapted to being back home.  She’s told me that she’s glad that she came back home when she did.  She got to spend some time with MIL before she passed away.  Princess told me that she was happy that MIL got to see her and spend some time with the grandkids before she passed away.  Princess has a background in home health care and her specialty is seniors with dementia issues.  Her experience was a god-send to Hubby and me. 
Princess even hosted her first family dinner yesterday.  It was for Jr’s birthday.  She cooked meatloaf and mashed potatoes.  All I had to do was bring the cake and ice cream . . . she did all the work and the grandkids did the dishes.  If I didn’t know better, I would have thought it was my birthday.
The Princess that I’ve known and loved for over 25 years is back.  And I’m so very happy . . . .


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3 responses to “Eating Crow

  1. Beth

    I am so glad that everything is working out for princess and for you all.

  2. Bill

    Hooray! That\’s great. Congratulations

  3. Tom

    Thanks enjoyed reading you post, it\’s great everything worked out ! Have a awesome Sunday dear friend !

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