Today, I’m Fine

Today, I’m fine.  Hubby and I started the probate process by meeting with the lawyer.  The estate should be settled in 4 – 6 months.  That’s one more thing checked off Hubby’s to do list.  He can breathe a little easier now.
The service was beautiful.  Extremely short by my Catholic Girl standards but beautiful nonetheless.  The weather didn’t cooperate so the graveside service was at the chapel at the cemetary instead of at the actual graveside.  No sibling drama – which made me very happy.  MIL always wanted the siblings to get along and for one day they did.  My house was filled with people after the service – which made Luci and Rocky happy because there were so many people willing to give them treats.  My house now is filled with flowers – and that’s after giving some to the siblings and the children. 
Hubby and I were worried about how Mother would look.  She’d been so sick for so long that we were afraid she’d look like a sick little old lady.  She looked like she did before she got really sick.  They did a beautiful job.  I know that it’s silly to say someone looks good laying in a casket – if she looked good she wouldn’t be dead – but she looked like I remembered her.  That was important to Hubby.  He sat quietly in his seat in front of the casket for most of the visitation.  Not a sniffle on during the service or at the graveside.  After everything was done and we were sitting in the chapel, he turned to me and said that I really needed to stop crying.  When I turned to look at him, he said that if I didn’t stop crying that he would start crying and he didn’t think he’d be able to stop.  Of course, that made me cry harder for a minute or so. 
It was a rough day but we got through it.  There are more rough days ahead, but we’ll get through those too.  The weather here stinks right now.  Chilly, dreary, and cold.  Kind of like how we feel.  
But it’ll be sunny again soon . . .

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  1. Beth

    I am glad that one hurdle of the journey ahead has been passed. The paperwork is endless as I know all too well.Hugs,Beth

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