I was working on an entry about all the stuff that’s been happening this week with MIL and her latest trip to the hospital.  How she’s been transferred to a rehab unit to build some strength following the pneumonia.  How the Siblings-In-Law are being of no help whatsoever in the situation.  How MIL’s Little Dog is adjusting to all the changes . . .

Then Luci decided to get a little closer to Mommy . . . since I haven’t been home much this week . . . and knocked the plug to the computer out of the wall.

No, I didn’t save anything I had written.

You’d think I would know better.

Just goes to show how tired I am right now.

Or maybe it’s Luci’s way of telling me to give her and Rocky and cookie and do the computer stuff later . . . 

For a silly lab, she’s really pretty smart . . .

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