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Boys Will Be Boys

I have a hard time remembering Rocky is just a puppy.  He’s only 9 months old and weighs 69 lbs.  You’d never believe that if you could see the way he romps and wrassles with Luci.  The chase each other through the house.  They chase each other through the back yard.  Luci loves to grab Rocky by the scruff of his neck and drag him through the yard.  I’m glad that they get along so well together. 
You can be sure that Rocky gives as good as he gets in the wrassling department.  If he can’t get Luci’s attention, he’ll nip at her feet and when she bends down to see what he’s doing, he’ll chew on her ear.  He’s been known to crash into her side when he’s running laps around the garage. 
Which brings me to today’s subject.  Rocky’s third or fourth (honestly, we’ve lost track!) to the visit for a Sick Puppy Visit.  It ws for limping again.  The right front leg again.  He went to bed fine and woke up limping.  So either Luci and Rocky were wrassling during the night when I was asleep or there’s some serious medical condition that’s making him limp.  My biggest fear is that he will have hip problems.  Blacky was diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia when he was two and it was the same sort of circumstance.  He was fine one night when he went to bed and then was limping the next morning when he woke up.  
Since Hubby and I are totally paranoid when it comes to the dogs, we made an immediate appointment for Rocky to see the vet.  Immediate appointment being 24 hours after we called.  Normally, Hubby takes Rocky to the vet but I volunteered to go along this time so I could hear first hand what was going on with Rocky.  I seriously expected the vet to tell us there was something horribly wrong with his shoulder and I wanted to hear it for myself.
Well, I was very wrong.  There isn’t anything horribly wrong with Rocky’s shoulder.  It’s just a sprain.  They took x-rays (and Rocky gave kisses to everyone that got within tongue range) and there is no sign of a fracture, bone chip, or any other shoulder deformity.  We got some meds, were told to keep him quiet for a week to 10 days and to call back to let them know how he’s doing. 
Yea, right, keep a rambunctious 10 month old boy puppy and his equally rambunctious 4 year old sister quiet for 10 days. It’s fall, for heavens sake, and he’s just discovered falling leaves and there’s a lot more squirrels out these days.  All really important stuff that he just has to take care of.  
And I thought Luci was a handful as a puppy . . .  

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