Daily Archives: September 8, 2009

Safe At Home

We’re having thunderstorms here in Ohio.  Big thunderbooms with bright flashes of lightning.  Believe it or not, neither Luci or Rocky seem to be afraid of the thunder or lightning.  Although Rocky doesn’t like playing in the rain.  He’ll stand at the back door and look out at the deck but he won’t go out in the rain. 
Luci, however, has no problems going out in the rain.  Or splashing in the puddles.  Or sloshing through the mud.  Silly girl.
The dog path through the back yard looks like a creek.
Kind of matches the small creek in the basement.  Evidently we have a leak somewhere.  Hubby’s in the basement slurping up the water with the shop vac.  It’s not really a lot of water, but he wants to keep ahead of it so it doesn’t go from bad to worse.
Satellite dish went out so I missed Hell’s Kitchen.  I’ll have to watch it online.
Luckily it came back on for Big Brother.  
A lovely evening at home.  


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