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Wrap Up

Ohio State won the game against Navy.  Normally that would make me very happy.  Since I live in Ohio and I normally cheer for them to win football games.  But this was different.  Hubby was a sailor and Dad is a Marine.  I had to cheer for Navy.  I have to admit that Navy gave Ohio State a good scare in the fourth quarter.  I said all week that OSU wasn’t taking the Navy game seriously and could get their butts kicked . . . and they proved me right. 
I got the lights changed on the gravevine tree.  Yes, I confess that the tree was a mess and half of the lights weren’t working for a couple of weeks.  I had the lights . . . I just didn’t have the time to get them done.  Luci and Rocky supervised while I put the lights on the tree.  You should have seen the three of us in the corner of the porch with the tree. 
I made the cupcakes.  Another project I’ve been thinking about for a while but just didn’t get to.  They turned out yummy.  Hubby even helped me but the icing in them.  We used a whole tub of icing on 10 cupcakes. 
We cooked on the grill all weekend.  There’s a lot to be said for grilling.  Mainly that I don’t have to do a lot of dishes.  A bonus any day of the week. 
It was a fun weekend.  I’m kind of sad to see it end . . .

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