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Labor Day Weekend

Life here at the Big Dog House has been stressful lately . . . to say the least.  But we’re dealing as best as we can.  And I’m very thankful for a three day holiday.
Hubby is golfing this afternoon, which leaves me and the puppies with the house to ourselves.
I need to clean.
I need to do laundry.
I’m thinking about making potato salad and chocolate cupcakes.
But right now, Luci, Rocky and I are a little busy 
Look close and you’ll see my reflection in the front door. 
We’re reading the Sunday paper on the front porch.  And a little later, we’ll be putting new lights on the grapevine tree there in the corner behind Luci.
Then we’ll be baking cupcakes, making potato salad, doing laundry and cleaning the house. 
And the best part is, I’ll still have one more day to goof off! 

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