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More, More, More

More MIL drama.  Her 4th trip to the hospital in 8 weeks.  Luckily this was a quick trip to the ER to check out a nasty bump on the head.  She fell while letting her Little Dog out and got a big ol goose egg on the back of her head.  Since we are still dealing with her blood being a little on the thin side, we thought it would be best to have it checked out.  Better safe than sorry . . .
Everything checked out just fine and MIL is back home with Little Dog.  But you can bet your bippy that there was a significant amount of drama in the whole event. 
Hubby and I have serious concerns about whether MIL should be living alone.  SIL is refusing to accept the seriousness of the situation and is perfectly content to let Hubby and me deal with all the drama.  The story is too complicated and too stupid to go into here . . . so I won’t.  Let’s just say that SIL lives in Fairy Land and thinks that after decades of being a seriously dysfunctional family that we’re going to turn into The Waltons overnight. 
Can’t do anything about fixing the dysfunctional family but we can do our best to take care of MIL.  We’re looking into options for additional in-home health care.  We’re also seriously considering a move to an assisted living facility.  Yes, that concept is going over like a lead balloon with MIL. We were lucky that she didn’t fracture her skull or get a concussion . . . or break a hip or something.  Sooo, we’re just gathering information at this point and having some serious conversations with MIL.  Oh, how I’ve prayed that this day would never come . . . Man, this is rough.
Hubby is fit to be tied with SIL and MIL.  I’m flabbergasted at SIL’s reluctance to help in any way, shape, or form.  I grew up in a large and close-knit family and I just assumed that all families were like mine.  At least to some degree or another.  Yea, I’m naive.  I just don’t understand and the harder I try, the more confused I get.
At least I can say that Hubby’s always kept his promise that life with him would never be boring . . .

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