Lazy Sunday

Well, maybe not a lazy Sunday but a considerably less stressful one.
I had to clean the deck chairs today.  Seems like somebody has been enjoying them without me. 
I’m not naming any names but I have my suspicsions.
Just look at that face.  "Gee, Mom, I didn’t mean to get the chair dirty.  Honest!"  I’ve caught him in the chair a couple of times lately.  Just sitting there just as pretty as you please like he owns the joint.  Of course he does but I don’t want him to know that!
After I cleaned the deck chairs, I took the doggies to the local do-it-yourself dog wash place.  Oh how I love this place.  You provide the dirty, stinky dog and the provide everything else AND clean up after you leave.  What a great concept!  I’ve been taking Luci there for quite some time, but we’re there more frequently since Rocky came to live with us.  I had no idea how hard it is to keep a white dog clean. 
See how pretty they are!

Since I was taking them by myself, I had to make two trips.  Hubby would have helped me, but he was conveniently playing golf this afternoon. Funny how that worked out.  Rocky went first and he was a total joy.  No whimpering.  No trying to get out of the tub.  No shaking.  Walked quietly by my side.  Sat politely while we were getting stuff ready and then again after we were done and I had to pay.  The only problem was getting him in and out of the tub.  But other than that he was as good as gold.

Luci, however, was the complete opposite.  She knew where we were the minute I turned on to the road to the place.  She started wagging her tail and shook the entire car.  Pulled me up to the door, had to visit everyone (human and canine) in the place.  Did a belly flop when she got in the tub, tried to lap up the water in the tub, then drank water out of the sprayer when I was rinsing her off.  Oh and she shook every 5 minutes.   I came home soaked.  Considering it was about 90 degrees today, that wasn’t so bad.  She certainly lives up to the Labrador Retriever Reputation. 

Luci and Rocky don’t like to be away from each other too much so it was a very happy reunion when I finally got back home with Luci.  You’d think they hadn’t seen each other for days.  

This is how they spent the rest of the afternoon.

Tired, clean, sweet smelling dogs.  Yes, life is good!



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5 responses to “Lazy Sunday

  1. Beth

    Well mom, you just wore them out. LOL The pictures are all so cute and I just can\’t get over how much Rocky has grown.

  2. Dori

    Pam, what a wonderful blog – love the pictures and rendition of your day. Wish we had a dog wash here – sounds wonderful. Aren\’t you glad hubby picked out Rocky? He is just what you guys (and Lucy) needed in your lives at this time. YEA, life is good !!

  3. Big Dog Mom

    Rocky will be 9 months old on the 19th and he weighs about 72 lbs. At this rate, he\’s right on track to be just as big (or bigger?) than Blacky. And just as sweet. Yes, I\’m glad that Hubby picked out Rocky – or rather Rocky picked us out. I can\’t imagine our live without him.

  4. Nadine

    Rocky looks like a fox hound. The ears are not long enough but still a fox hound….so maybe a Bernard Hound and not a StBoxer.

  5. Big Dog Mom

    The lady at the dog wash place mentioned hound dog of some sort – maybe coon hound, still some st bernard, who knows. I\’m just sorry that the pictures don\’t do justice to the droopy eyes. Oh, man, they are killers and he knows how to work them.

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