Sunday Night

Long weekend.  Busy with all kinds of stuff.
MIL was hospitalized earlier this week.  Nothing serious.  Just a bout of congestive heart failure.  Needed to adjust meds and get some of the water off her lungs.  She’s fine . . . for her . . . and back home safe and sound.  Being watched over by me and Hubby and her little dog.  The situation is getting more and more "hands on" for us as the summer progresses.  
My Dad celebrated his 80th birthday this weekend.  We had a big family party for him today.  All the family was there.  My Aunts.  My Cousins.  Neighbors from years ago when Mom and Dad first moved into The Little House Where I Grew Up.  Even one of the guys Dad worked with for years and years and years.  Lil Bro made a very nice speech about Dad.  Hubby played DJ and played all his favorite music. 
It’s been an interesting weekend to say the least. 


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2 responses to “Sunday Night

  1. Beth

    Sorry about your MIL. These bouts with with her will keep happening I imagine. I think you must be doing a pretty good job of dealing with it.Congrats to your dad on his 80th birthday. Sounds like he had a fine party.

  2. Big Dog Mom

    We\’ve certainly got our hands full with MIL lately. To quote Hubby, "It\’s not looking good for the home team." The docs are trying to give us the complete picture without actually saying the words. I try to just do what I need to do and not spend too much time thinking about the big picture . . . but I know what\’s lurking right around the corner. As for Dad and his party . . . oh, man, was he in his element. I might have to post some pictures.

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