Moving at Light Speed

It’s been one of those weeks.  I can’t believe it’s Thursday.  Heck, I can’t believe that it’s the 23rd of July.  It really is true that the older you get the faster life zipps by.
The least stressful part of my day was being stuck in traffic.  There was a rather large funeral moving through town this afternoon while I was running errands for work.  It was a sad procession to watch because the funeral was for the owner of one of the large towing companies here in Smalltown.  There were tow trucks from all over the state.  Gave me some time to just "be" . . .
Trials and tribulations of dealing with MIL’s illnesses.  No matter how much I think I know about her various conditons, there’s always something new o learn.  I just pray that this is all knowledge that I’ll never have to use again.  See, if I have to use this knowledge again in the future, it means that someone I love is really very sick. It’s nothing serious, she just had some things that needed to be checked out.  She’s fine (for her) now. 
Did I tell you that I missed the entire "Today Throws A Wedding" thing this year.  Didn’t even have a clue it was that time of year again. 
Missed the premiere of "Hell’s Kitchen".  Didn’t the season just end?  How is it possible that it’s time for that again. 
Am hooked on Big Brother.  Totally love the high school clique concept.  
I hope things calm down soon.  At this rate, I’m sure I’m going to crash soon.  (Figuratively not Literally)


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2 responses to “Moving at Light Speed

  1. Beth

    My son is a Hells Kitchen fan. I never watch it. I am so disgusted with the stupid storyline on now with Y&R that I could just scream. lol

  2. Big Dog Mom

    I\’m a little fed up with the storyline now too. But you know I\’m going to keep watching because I just have to see how it turns out. As for the Hell\’s Kitchen thing – I found out I can watch episodes online!

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