You Just Know

. . . It’s going to be one of those days when the first phone call of the day is a patient that has either lost his prescription or it’s been stolen.  And he just got it filled on Friday.  Do you have any idea the paperwork and follow-up detail involved in that kind of phone call.  Let’s just say that the first words out of my mouth this morning weren’t very pleasant.  
. . . You’re really old when you recognize a very bad cover of a Fleetwood Mac song (Go Your Own Way) playing on the Muzak in the office.  Again, a good reason for me to keep my door closed and my radio on.
. . . Time doesn’t stand still when I looked at Luci and Rocky today and noticed that Rocky is just a smidge taller than Luci.  Rocky celebrated his 8 month birthday over the weekend.  
. . . It’s going to be a long night when the dogs are clinging to you because of a thunderstorm that’s a’brewin.  Made me nervous enough to check the local weather report.  Something creepy about a greenish-gray sky  . . .
So how’s life in your neck of the woods . . .


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2 responses to “You Just Know

  1. Beth

    My mom always said to beware of a green sky, that could mean a tornado is brewing. I hope you didn\’t get any bad weather.

  2. Big Dog Mom

    We didn\’t get any bad weather. Just a burst of heavy rain. But the green sky thing always freaks me out. When you grow up in Ohio you learn to be very cautious when you see a green sky.

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