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Men Lie

Hubby and I decided it was time for new carpet in the living room and dining room.  Hubby promised that I would only need to take two days of vacation for the installation.  One day to pack up the knick knacks and help him move furniture out of the way.  The installation would only take place the second day and then we could get the furniture back in place.  Everything would be back in place by the time I went back to work.
A little background info . . . I have an aversion to clutter.  I’m not full blown OCD about it but I like things to be in place.  I hate it when I’ve spent the day cleaning the house and then Hubby will come along and clutter it up again.  Makes me crazy.  Needless to say, two days with the house all out of sorts is enough to make me very anxious.  
So the time came to pack up stuff and get ready for the carpet installation.  Hubby and I got stuff packed up and moved fairly quickly.  That’s when Hubby decided that "since the house is torn up anyway, we might as well paint."  So now we’re adding the complete chaos of painting the living room, dining room, stairs and hallway.  Oh, and he wants to rearrange the furniture.  At this point, I’m darn near ready for a nervous breakdown.  "Two day, tops" has now become "four days max".  Meds.  I need some meds.  And chocolate.  Lots and lots of chocolate.  Off we go to the big box hardware store to buy paint.  (Yes, Susan, we went to "your" store.) 
Carpet installation day arrives.  Hottest day of the year.  And we have to turn off the AC.  Because the carpet is hard to manuever if it gets cold and stiff.  It’s 90 degrees with 100% humidity.  The dogs are hot.  I’m hot.  Hubby and the carpet installer guy are hot.  But the carpet is behaving beautifully.  Guess I shouldn’t complain.  I thought about having a pool party for the dogs, but I didn’t want to have my brand new carpet smelling like wet dogs.  The dogs and I hung out on the back deck.  Under the awning.  Where the breeze was.  We were all very happy when we could turn the air back on. 
The new carpet is beautiful.  The colors that Hubby picked out go nicely with the carpet.  No, I didn’t pick out the colors.  I have no design ability.  He does.  That’s why he picked the colors.  That’s why he does the painting.  
So far only the dining room is completed.  He painted it in one day.  It was mostly put back together when I got home from work.  I just need to dust everything and put the knick knacks back where they belong and the china back in the china closet.  Half of the kitchen is a disaster.  He promises that it’ll be done by the end of the weekend. 
You’d think after 25 years with this man that I’d know better . . .


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Hubby was helping me find frames for my new glasses last weekend . . .


Hubby:  Here, try these.  I think they would look good on you.   

Me:  (I tried them on and was checking them out in the mirror).  Nope, they make me look like somebody’s grandma. 

Hubby just stared at me.

Me: What?!

Hubby:  You are somebody’s grandma.  

Me:  oh, yea, right.  


(No, I didn’t get the grandma glasses.)

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