One Liners

It’s not a cold, it’s allergies.  Just what I need.  I would have rather had the cold.
Got a prednisone shot yesterday morning.  The injection site still hurts 36 hours later. 
There’s supposed to be a big announcement on Jon & Kate this week.  Does anybody really care at this point?
Hubby and I have decided that the "must see" movie of the summer is "G-Force" about the guinea pigs.  The commercials are too cute.
I’ll never understand why people don’t turn off their cell phones when they are in church.  At least one goes off every week during Mass.
Hubby got tired of listening to me whine about the electric mower and got an old fashioned gas powered one.  YEAH!
The best part of delivering papers on Friday night is listening to music from the 70’s on the classic music station.
Hubby and I watched VH1 Classics One Hit Wonders today.  Made us feel really old.

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  1. Beth

    I am glad you will finally get some relief from what you thought was a cold.A gas mower is much safer than an electric mower.Have a great week.(My one liners. 😉

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