He’s All Boy

Took the puppies to the do-it-yourself dog wash on Sunday.  Spent an hour on each dog . . . and begged them to stay clean for 24 hours.  Or at least until I went to work on Monday morning.  Yea, that didn’t happen.  We were home maybe three hours and they were rolling in the dirt.  At least Luci hasn’t pulled Rocky through the mulberry bush yet.  I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before she does and he ends up with a pink mullberry stain somewhere. 
Rocky has discovered bugs – june bugs, crickets, lightning bugs.  He thinks they are delicious.  He’s even discovered earth worms.  He hasn’t eaten any of them but they fascinate him when he sees them squirming across the yard.   I swear that boy will eat anything. 
He picks the used dryer sheets out of the laundry baskets.  He does it without bothering any of the clothes in the baskets.  If there’s a used dryer sheet in the basket he will find it.  How does he do that? 
When we go walking at night, Rocky loves to walk through the tall grass.  There are a few abandonded houses and one big empty field on our route.  He runs as fast as he can to the tall grass and then walks through the grass trying to bite at it.  Considering he’s still at that awkward puppy running stage it’s really pretty funny to watch.
He’s also still very much mommy’s little man.  He fights with Luci to see who can get closest to me when we’re walking or when we’re sitting on the floor.  When I holler for them, he’s always the first one at my side.  He’s usually the first one at the door when they hear my car pull up outside at night. 
So far he hasn’t shown any fear of thunderstorms or firecrackers.  Blacky used to be terrified of storms and fireworks and Luci was starting to pick up on his anxiety.  Rocky isn’t showing any fear of anything and Luci seems to be much calmer with the storms.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it stays that way.
Sometimes I wish he could stay a puppy forever . . .

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  1. Beth

    I loved reading this post. I can just picture it in my mind, the dogs running through the tall grass and them racing to the door when you come home from work. Enjoy!!

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