Holding My Breath

I called my Dad last night to get the scoop on his visit to the doctor and the latest test results.  He said he was fine, they’re going to adjust his meds and then handed the phone to Mom.  Dad’s got some serious hearing loss that makes it difficult for him to hear a phone conversation.  Dad’s kidney function numbers have spiked again and the docs want to change his meds a little and do the blood tests again in a couple of weeks.  If the numbers go down, then he’ll stay on the med regimen for a while and they’ll continue the bloodwork to monitor his progress. 
It’s what happens if the numbers don’t go down that has us worried.  If they don’t go down, then Dad is looking at the possibility of dialysis.  We’ve been dealing with his numbers fluctuating for the last couple of years but it doesn’t make the waiting any easier.  We’re always wondering if this time is when our luck runs out . . .
In the meantime, I’m holding my breath and saying lots of prayers. 
Nothing in the world prepares you for this kind of stuff.


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2 responses to “Holding My Breath

  1. Beth

    Yes, I know exactly what your mean. I just sent a prayer up for your dad.

  2. Grandma's

    Just popped over from Beth\’s space. I would like to add my prayers for your dad as well. You are absolutely right, nothing prepares us for this kind of stuff.Remember to take good care of yourself too during this stressful time.*Hugs and Blessings*~Karin~

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