The Things I See

I just got home from delivering papers with Hubby.  Now that the weather is nicer, there are a lot more people out and about at 2 in the morning.  Some of the things I saw tonight . . .
Two girls walking arm and arm down the street away from one of the bars that is a hang out of the kids that attend the college here in Smalltown.  Let’s just say that I’m glad they were walking and not driving . . .
Kids on bicycles.  Kids that should not be out on bicycles at 2 in the morning.  I wonder if their parents know they are out?
An older teen (I’m guessing because it was dark) walking down the street with a couple of his friends.  The kid was wearing a t-shirt and jeans.  I’m not sure, but it looked like he was still in the process of getting dressed.  His pants were below his waist and his boxers were showing and he didn’t have his t-shirt all the way on.  He had one arm and his head through the sleeve and neck of his shirt.  The other side of the shirt was bunched up over his arm.  I was driving so I couldn’t stare but at least that’s what I think I saw.
A cop car with his lights flashing outside the bar the college kids hang out at.  
The most interesting thing is the number of people up watching TV at 2 a.m.

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