Good Puppies

Even though puppy class is over, I’m still working with Rocky to make sure he doesn’t forget everything we spent 8 weeks teaching him.  During our nightly walks, I reinforce all the things we learned.  
Since Luci goes with us on the evening walk, she is getting a refresher course on her obedience commands.  That’s a good thing because I didn’t follow up with her training after we finished her puppy class.  I can’t tell if the problem with Luci is just a stubborn cuss or if she has doggie ADD.  She sees what Rocky is doing and she wants to do it too.  Sometimes it’s a competition to see who can obey the command the fastest.  It really warms my heart to see him teaching his big sister. 
She’s returning the favor by teaching him some of her favorite tricks.  Her lesson for Rocky tonight was Digging 101.  I caught the two of them digging in a hole by the service door to the garage.  They haven’t figured out that I can see them from the window in the dining room.  They’re always surprised when I tap on the window to get their attention.  You should see the contrite little faces when they come up to the back door.  
She’s also teaching him how to knock and run.  They’ll scratch at the back door to be let in and when I go to the door, they run out into the back yard.  They want me to play with them.  I do get annoyed when they do it, but I have to admite that it’s pretty smart of them to figure out a way to get me out there to play with them. 
Of course they make up for all of their mischief when they fall asleep in my lap.  How can you be mad at sleeping puppies? 


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3 responses to “Good Puppies

  1. Dori

    Good for you for reinforcing puppy school training – I\’m now trying to do this with my Bichon but wish I would have done it sooner. As for Digging 101 -Luke the lab took Maddie the Bichon to that class also and she LOVES doing it – She hasn\’t figured out how her little black mug gives her away. By the way, on your obedience class picture was the little dog on the end a Bichon???? Enjoy your dogs and your day.

  2. Big Dog Mom

    @Dori – the little white dog in the puppy class photo was a Maltese. Her name was Harley – named after Harlequin romance novels (what a cute name!) – and she loved Hubby. Every week she\’d get so excited to see him that she\’d piddle on the floor.

  3. Beth

    I love your posts about Luci and Rocky. I am glad they are getting training.What do you think of Chris Engen walking off of Y&R? There will be a new actor taking his place on 25 June.

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