I Need A Hobby

Hubby and I were channel surfing yesterday and it became very apparent to me that I need a hobby. 
Something other than watching TV.
I can recite the entire history of The Young and The Restless from the beginning of time.  Except for a few years when the whole Mac, JT, Kevin, Sharon, Nick, Colleen, Lilly, Daniel era started.  Some of the characters from that era are back on the show and I’m a little lost trying to figure out who everyone is and what their story line is. 
For some odd reason, the old Nair commercial was on the other day.  You know the one.  "Who wears short shorts?  We wear short shorts.  If you dare wear short shorts, Nair for short shorts."  Yes, I know the dance steps too. 
VH1 is having an 80’s marathon this weekend.  They are showing classic videos from the early days of MTV.  I just recited the entire lyrics to "Parents Just Don’t Understand" by the Fresh Prince.  Luci and Rocky loved it but I think I freaked Hubby out. 
In my defense, the noise of the TV is a comfort thing for me.  I remember either the TV or the radio being on at home when I was growing up.  When Hubby was an over the road truck driver, I kept the TV on so that I didn’t notice how quiet the house was all the time.  I’ve even corrupted the dogs.  I would leave the TV on for Blacky when we were gone during the day if I knew it was going to storm.  The noise of the TV drowned out the noise of the storm and kept Blacky from being so nervous.  Then Luci came along and she watches TV with me.  When she was a puppy she started watching football and NASCAR with me.  Rocky doesn’t pay much attention to the action on the screen, but he’ll perk his ears up if he hears a doorbell or a dog barking.   
Yes, I realize it might be a bit odd that I know the days of the week by what TV show is on.  I look forward to certain things throughout the year.  Big Brother in the summer.  American Idol. So You Think You Can Dance.  Hell’s Kitchen.  Bridezillas.  Football.  Drag Racing on ESPN.  Twilight Zone Marathon on the Sci Fi Channel on New Years Day. 
Hubby said maybe it might be time for me to get back to working on my cross stitch or my knitting . . .

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