Monday, Monday

Weather turned colder last night.  I had to bring in my hanging basket so that it wouldn’t freeze.
Turned on the furnace last night for the first time in a couple of weeks.  By the end of the day, Hubby had the windows open and had turned on the fan.  Yes, he forgot about the furnace being on when he opened the windows.  Good thing I reminded him. 
Had my "girlie" check up today.  Got a script for the wonderful hormone pills . . . very important!  Got an order for my mamogram.  The Imaging Center will call to schedule it.  Heard the "as you get older" lecture about how important calcium supplements are to menopausal women with a family history of osteoporosis.  I still have problems with the words "menopausal woman" applying to me. 
After looking at the pictures Hubby took of me last week and seeing a rather distressing number on the scale at the doctor’s office today, I’ve decided to get a little more exercise.  It’s either that or buy a new wardrobe since nothing fits right these days.  Can’t afford the new wardrobe, so I guess it’s diet time. 
I’ll get Luci and Rocky to help me . . .

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