Chasing My Tail

Seems like I’m running in a circle and can never catch up . . .
My day job, my weekend job helping Hubby deliver papers, the work I do for Hubby’s fishing rod repair business, taking care of MIL, training Rocky for puppy school (graduation is this week!), laundry, housework, blah, blah, blah
I’m a busy lady.
I did get to see my Mom today for Mother’s Day.  Bought her the traditional hanging basket – I’ve been buying her hanging baskets for as long as I can remember.  I also buy her a little something from her little dog Baby . . . this year it was one of the little candles by Yankee Candle. Hubby went to see MIL while I was visiting Mom.  MIL gets a hanging basket, too.  Rocky and Luci bought me a hanging basket . . . anybody see the theme here?  We have a wonderful local greenhouse that sells beautiful plants.  I buy from them every year.  Jr. came by and gave me a card and lovely bottle of lotion from Bath and Body Works.  I love that place as much as I love Yankee Candles . . .
Rocky’s puppy class is going very well.  He’s such a smart dog.  He catches on quickly to whatever we need to learn and never forgets any of his lessons.  Even when the other dogs in class are not being obedient, he’ll look at me like "uh, Mom, how come they’re not listening?"  Those droopy eyes and that wrinkled forehead are so expressive.
Laundry, dishes, and housework never seem to end.  No sooner do I get the laundry caught up and the hamper is full again.  Same way with the dishes.  And housework . . .well, if we don’t talk about the dust bunnies maybe they’ll go away.
MIL is as well as can be expected health wise she’s just a contrary old woman and won’t listen to anyone.  We’re looking at the possibility of getting a scooter for her to help her get around.  Who knew that it was such a complicated process.  And she has a defeatist attitude about the whole thing.  If I hear, "I know I won’t get approved for it." one more time I’m going to scream. 
Hubby had a great time at the bowling tournament and I had a great time home alone last weekend.  It seems the guys had their hands full with some drama on Saturday night.  So much for a relaxing weekend away.  Proves my theory that we can’t let the guys go without the wives  . . .
Time to get ready for another exciting week.

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