I’m Just Sayin

I’m mowing the grass.
Because I’m a good wife and because Hubby asked me polietly before he left.
I’m 45 years old.  I’ve cut a few lawns in my time.  I did it at home growing up . . . Dad made sure all us girls knew how to cut grass.  ‘Cause there are things a man has to teach his daughters.  I learned using a good old fashioned Sears Craftsman gas powered push mower.  I was good at manhandling that big old thing. 
Hubby bought an electric mower last year.  Easier to push around the yard.  Better for the environment.  Cheaper than gas powered self-propelled mower.  blah.  blah.  blah. 
I hate that &$%@*! electric mower.
I have to be careful not to run over the power cord.  It cuts out if I take my hand off the handle.  If I tug on the cord too hard it comes unplugged.  I worry about being shocked if I happen to hit a patch of grass that’s not completely dry.   
If they’re so wonderful, why did man invent the gas powered mower first?
I’m just sayin . . .  

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One response to “I’m Just Sayin

  1. Beth

    I want a gas powered mower when I mow. I definitely would run over the cord of an electric mower.

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