Girly Weekend

Hubby’s at a bowling tournament.
It’s just me and the dogs . . . and the laundry . . . and the housework . . .and the newspaper route . . .
Somehow I think I got the short end of the deal.
I’ve been doing the newspaper thing with Hubby on the weekends for a couple of months now so I do have an idea of what I’m supposed to do.  But that didn’t stop him from giving me training seminars all week.  I half expect him to call tonight with more instructions.  I won’t be delivering the papers alone, though.  Jr. is going to help me.  
Right now I’m tiding up the house.  Hubby is the biggest offender in the messy department.  He never puts stuff where it belongs.  Grrr.
Three days with a tidy house and control of the remote . . .
Maybe I didn’t get the short end of the deal after all . . .

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One response to “Girly Weekend

  1. Beth

    You and the dogs had a wonderful time I am sure. I am sorry, I am just now seeing an update for this post.

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