My Happiness

No matter how stressful or how busy my day is, there’s always something that can put a smile on my face.
This is one of those somethings

This is the other something

This is as close as I can get right now to a picture of the two of them together.  If you look closely, you can see the dirt on Luci’s nose.  What you can’t see is the dirt on the back of Rocky’s legs and on his neck.  I’ll be really happy when the grass grows in the bare spots in the yard. 
To see the two of them sitting at the front door waiting for me to come home from work at night.  To see their smiling faces when the alarm goes off in the morning . . . okay, I only see Luci’s face first thing in the morning.  Rocky takes a while to wake up.  He’s not a morning dog at all.  That makes all the drama and craziness tolerable . . .
And the puppy kisses.  We can’t forget the puppy kisses . . .  

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One response to “My Happiness

  1. slock

    Lovely dogs. I will feed a big dog in future.:)

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