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My Life Is A Soap Opera

I hate drama.  I’d rather watch a week’s worth of Y&R episodes than have to deal with some of the stuff going on in my life right now.  Nothing overly serious, just annoying. 
So in true denial fashion, I’m not going to mention any of it.  Dealing with all of it has made me appreciate the aspects of my life that aren’t a soap opera.
My baby brother is turning 40 next week.  That sentence alone makes me feel really old.  He’s six years younger than me.  He’s always been the baby of the family.  Youngest of 6 children + only son = spoiled rotten kid.  Pretty cool now, but a major pain when I was living at home.  He understand my sick and twisted sense of humor and my love of physical comedy.  He scours You*Tube and Break*Com to find videos of people falling down or crashing into things and sends them to me.  We watch America’s Funniest Video reruns at Mom & Dad’s house and laugh until we almost wet our pants.  He’s a self-taught computer geek and changes cell phones like some people change shoes.  Oh, and he got the beautiful blonde wavy hair I’ve always wanted.  
The weather is warmer here in Ohio.  Still pretty chilly at night and in the early morning, but overall much better.  Everything is blooming.  I was out doing some errands this afternoon and the entire town is blooming.  It’s just beautiful.  The apple tree in the back yard should be in full bloom in a week or so.  I have a ton of wild violets in the yard.  The grass is starting to fill in the mud holes in the back yard.  Hopefully that will mean that Luci and Rocky won’t be covered in mud all the time.
Luci and Rocky.  I don’t think we could have found a better match for Luci if we had tried.  They are inseparable.  They’re wrestling in the living room right now.  That’ll last about 10 minutes and then Rocky will lay down for a nap and Luci will snuggle right up beside him.  Or they’ll both give me sad eyes and I’ll sit on the floor and have the two of them snuggle on my lap.  You haven’t lived until you’ve had 140 lbs of dog sleeping in your lap.  (Luci is 100 lbs., Rocky is 40.) 
Yes, all of that is much better than the drama . . .


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