I Told You So

Yes, I have the new Carrie Underwood song playing in my head . . . but as the old Randy Travis version.  I can’t decide which version I like better.  But that’s not what this post is about.  It’s about stuff I knew was going to happen . . . even though I was assured that it wouldn’t.
Thing #1 – Rocky is supposed to be Hubby’s puppy.  He wanted a puppy when Blacky passed away.  He promised  he would take care of the potty training, getting up for the 3 am potty breaks, obedience training.  I knew it was too good to be true.  I told myself, "Self, he’s full of @^*&.  You’re going to be taking care of that puppy within a month."  I was right.  I’m doing the puppy training.  I was the one getting up in the middle of the night until he got potty trained.  I take him for walks.  I’m getting him socialized and civilized.  Because of all that, Rocky follows me closer than Luci does.  Right now, he’s asleep on my feet under the computer desk.  Not an easy task for a 40 lb. puppy.  At first I was annoyed that Hubby tricked me but Rocky’s such an well behaved dog that I don’t really mind.  He’s actually helping me train Luci to be better behaved. 
Thing #2 – All the test results are in for MIL.  The cardiologist and the electrophysiologist agree that there isn’t really much more they can do for MIL’s heart condition.  We’ve exhausted all the treatment options.  It is what it is.  She’s not happy.  Hubby and I are sad but not really surprised.  It’s going to make life a little more challenging for us, but we’ll be okay.
Thing #3 – Princess came home for the Easter holiday and drama ensued.  She never went over to see MIL and MIL is spitting mad.  She spent one afternoon with Hubby (she was here 4 days).  I only happened to see her because I stopped by Jr’s house Saturday afternoon and she was there. Otherwise, I would have gone the whole visit without seeing her or the grandkids.  Supposedly Hubby said some things that hurt her feelings.  Instead of dealing with it like an adult and telling Hubby that he upset her, she decided to pout like a 5 year old and stay away.  I gave her a nice Mom lecture about acting like a spoiled brat and dealing with Hubby on an adult level instead of expecting somebody else (me) to handle her problems for her or staying away for a year and then acting like nothing ever happened.  After I left on Saturday, Jr told her to patch things up before she left town.  As usual, she didn’t listen to anyone’s advice and she left town without saying goodbye to Hubby.  But supposedly she’s moving back to town for good in a couple of months.  Forgive me if I’m not jumping for joy at that piece of news.  
But other than that, life here at the Big Dog House is great.  At least I got our taxes done and we’re actually getting money back this year. 

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One response to “I Told You So

  1. Susan

    Princess needs a reality check. Big Time. How could she diss her grandmother? Oh I know! She\’s a baby! God Bless You Girl! I know this is selfish, but I am SO glad I don\’t have to deal with that sort of drama. I have enough of that poop at work!I\’m sorry about MIL. That\’s all I know to say.Hugs to You!Susan

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