I’m Gonna Wear Black

I first heard the news last Wednesday.  I thought it was a very sick April Fool’s joke.  I found out it wasn’t a joke.  In case you haven’t heard, the longest running soap opera has been cancelled.  After 72 years on the air – either on radio or on TV – The Guiding Light has been cancelled. 

This is very devastating to my family.  My Mom listened to The Guiding Light on the radio with my Great-Grandmother.  My sisters and I all grew up watching the CBS soaps.  During my high school years, school let out at 2:30 and we hurried home as fast as we could so that we didn’t miss a minute.  When I was in college, you were either in the group that watched The Guiding Light or General Hospital.  Luckily there were two TV’s in the student union and we didn’t have fights over the TV.  My oldest niece, Dollface, watched it with Mom every day after she got home from school.  It’s been quality bonding time for the females in my family for a long, long time.  And now it’s going away. 

I remember Roger Thorpe – and how ever many times he would die and come back to life.  I remember Bert Bauer and the Bauer family 4th of July picnic.  Kelly and Morgan.  Nola.  Floyd.  Katie.  Hope.  Mike.  Holly.  Ed.  Maureen. Rita.  Phillip and Beth.  Rick and Mindi.  Lujack.  Reva and Josh.  Alan.  Alan-Michael.  Ross.  I spent so many hours wrapped up in their stories that they’re like a part of my family.     


I’m going to sign whatever petitions I can find.  I’m going to write as many letters and emails as I need to so that the Guiding Light can find another home.  I’m seriously considering taking September 18 (the day of the last episode) as a vacation day. 

It’s going to be a very sad day for me. 


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