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I Have A Bad Feeling About This

After dealing with the woman for 27 years, I’ve learned that whenever The Ex calls, drama always follows.    As sure as I’m standing (sitting) here and as sure as day follows night.  It’s always been that way and it will always be that way.  I knew it the minute that I heard her voice on the phone a couple of weeks ago.  I just wasn’t sure what kind of drama she was cooking up . . . .
The first phone call was in early March to invite Hubby and I to Virginia for a special birthday party for Princess’ 35 birthday.  Hubby told her it was kind of short notice and we wouldn’t be able to do it.  Supposedly she understood.  That’s when I started getting nervous.  The Ex never invites us down unless she wants something.  I had a bad feeling that I just couldn’t shake.    
Then a couple of weeks ago, The Ex called to let Hubby and I know that Princess was being rushed to the hospital via ambulance for a potentially serious health issue.  Like all good parents, we’re concerned about Princess’ health issue, but we were a little curious about why The Ex called.  See, 
The Ex and Princess live about 325 miles away from us.  We’re in Ohio and they’re in Virginia.  It’s not like we could get in the car and drive across town to be by Princess’ side.  Over the next few days, we got daily updates from The Ex and Princess about what was going on.  Test results, doctor consults, possible diagnosis.  Hubby was convinced that it was a severe case of acid reflux, but they assured him that it wasn’t acid reflux.  We heard diagnosis of a possible stroke, a potential heart attack, epilepsy, a possible brain tumor.  Last Hubby heard from The Ex, it was a small stroke and the doctors were going to be inserting a feeding tube because Princess wasn’t able to keep anything down.  None of the stories that we heard made a whole lot of sense to me.  Either something screwy was going on or the doctors involved were total idiots.  That’s when all the phone calls stopped.  They didn’t call us and we couldn’t get ahold of them.  
After a couple days of silence, I asked Jr. if he had heard from his sister or his mother.  Oh, yea, he told me, Princess was released from the hospital a couple of days after they stopped calling us.  Turned out that the serious medical issue was (wait for it!) a severe case of acid reflux.  We were relieved to learn that Princess was fine, but we wondered why she hadn’t called Hubby to let him know everything was okay.  Why hadn’t The Ex called to let us know.  After all, she’s the one that stirred up all the drama.  You’d think she’d want to let us know everything was okay. 
It’s been a week and a half and we still haven’t heard directly from Princess or The Ex.  All of our info is coming from Jr. 
Then today Jr. tells us that The Ex, Princess, and The Grandkids are coming home to Smalltown to visit with family for Easter. 
I should be happy that Princess is coming home for a visit, but I really have a bad feeling about this. 

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