A Cop When You Need One

Have you ever been driving down the road, minding your own business, when you see a driver ahead of you do something stupid or illegal and wish that there was a cop around to see the illegal/stupid driver and give them a ticket?  (Yes, I know that it’s mean to wish for such a thing.)  Tonight was one of those nights . . .
I was on my way to the grocery and had to stop for a red light in front of the local hospital.  The light had turned red to stop cross traffic so the nurses could cross the street to get to work before the start of their shift.  There were a few nurses waiting to cross the street when a rather large car zipped through the red light.  No sooner did I have the thought "too bad there isn’t a cop here to see this" when a county deputy sheriff did a u-turn and follow the car that zipped through the light.  By the time I got to the next intersection, the deputy had pulled up behind the red light runner and had his pretty overhead lights on.  I sat at the light singing "Somebody’s gonna get a ticket.  Somebody’s gonna get a ticket."
Yes, I know.  I’m going straight to you-know-where.    


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3 responses to “A Cop When You Need One

  1. Sue

    HEY! I don\’t think we know quite what to think! We completely expected to play Wake Forest if we even made it past North Dakota! hahahaha. It will be interesting for sure. Our team this year is so young, when they hit the court, you are never quite sure what is going to happen. Could be great… could be a game of bonehead plays. haha. It will be fun no matter what! These games are the most fun! Unexpected. ROCK-CHALK!!!!!!!!

  2. Big Dog Mom

    I still can\’t believe that the Flyers have made it this far in the tournament. Like I\’ve said, I\’m not much of a basketball fan, but it sure would be nice to see them advance a little further. Until this morning, I didn\’t realize they were ranked #11 in the tournament! They\’ve gotten farther than Ohio State . . .

  3. Beth

    Great job on the sheriff\’s part!!

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