Rocky came through his neuter surgery just fine.  You wouldn’t believe the advances they’ve made in doggie surgery since Blacky had his neuter surgery 9 years ago.  Heck, I can’t believe the advances they’ve made since Luci had her spay surgery three years ago.  Rocky had laser surgery, which is supposed to be better in a whole bunch of ways.  I’m convinced.  The incision is tiny and there are no external stitches.  I think they might have used that special surgical super glue stuff.  The internal stitches will disolve and he doesn’t have to go back for a check up.  Other than being a little sleepy after the surgery, there weren’t any side effects.  He didn’t get sick to his stomach.  He doesn’t seem to be in any  pain. 
The best part . . . no e-collar or lamp shade as Hubby and I call it.  We told Luci for a while now that paybacks were going to be something awful because Rocky was going to have a lampshade after his surgery and it was going to be paybacks for the way she crashed into everyone and everything after her spay surgery.  Heck, she even split the lampshade in half after a few days.  I have no idea how we managed to keep that thing on her for two weeks.  Needless to say, I was not excited about the prospect of keeping on on Rocky for two weeks.  He’s not bothering the incision at all (Amazing!)!  Even more amazing is that Luci’s not fussing over the incision.  She’s such a little mommy when it comes to Rocky and I thought for sure she’d be all over him.  She just gave him a good sniffing when he came home from the vet’s office and she sniffs him once or twice a day to make sure nothing’s changed, but overall she’s leaving him alone.
Except when she’s trying to fight him off.  We’re supposed to keep him quiet for a few days and limit his activity to make sure everything heals nicely.  Have you ever tried to keep a 3-1/2 month old puppy quiet?  Yea, right.  Easier said than done.  Yesterday was easy because of the anesthetic but today he’s back to his regular bouncy self and there’s no stopping this puppy.  Luci seems to understand that he needs to be quiet, but Rocky is picking on her.  Snipping at her legs and tugging on her ears to get her to play with him.  Sometimes the temptation is too much and off they go . . . . 
And since he’s not wearing himself out playing with Luci, he’s finding other ways to get himself into trouble.  Like chewing up the new book I borrowed from my sister.  And the new heating pad I bought for Hubby.  Once again, I’m amazed at the amount of energy in a 35 pound puppy. . . .

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