At Least He’s Not Chewing My Shoes

Rocky’s been with us for three weeks now.

He and Luci are bonding rather nicely.  They go every where and do every thing together.  He even goes with us on our nightly walks through the neighborhood.  If I don’t take him, he sits at the front door and whines the entire time we are gone.  Drives Hubby crazy. 

Luci’s doing a great job helping us potty train him.  

They run and romp through the house.  Tonight they were playing in the living room and Rocky crashed into the entertainment center when he lunged at Luci.  I made sure he was okay before I started laughing hysterically.  It was the "I meant to do that" look he gave me that did me in.  

Rocky wants to eat Luci’s big dog food.  Luci wants to eat Rocky’s puppy chow.  

They both want to chase the cat.

Overall, he’s a pretty good little boy.  But there’s one thing that I can count on him to do 100% of the time if I leave him alone.  He will pull my dish towels off the rack in the kitchen.  He’ll pull my pajamas off the hook in the bedroom.  He’ll pull the belt off Hubby’s bathrobe.  He’ll pull the belt off my bathrobe.  He’s been known to drag the bathroom rug into the den.  He took one of my stuffed bears off the bench at the top of the stairs.  He didn’t hurt the bear – just took off all the bear’s clothes. 

I know that if the dogs are quiet, Rocky’s probably up to no good. 

But at least he’s not chewing my shoes . . . .



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2 responses to “At Least He’s Not Chewing My Shoes

  1. Beth

    Sounds like Rocky has fit right in with your family and you made a good decision to adopt him.


    Not yet! (chewing on the shoes) My baby is about 20 months (standard poodle) still steals my bras, any unattended underwear, the girls\’ baby dolls and ofcourse the bathroom trash and an occasionaly shoe when he\’s really ornery. He is getting better, unattened food left on the counters does not immediatly disapper. I had forgotten what it\’s like to have a puppy in the house. I think the Diva Cup sounds nasty too. I just have this vision of your pants around your ankles dumping this cup of blood – kinda Carrie style. No thank you!

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