It’s A Boy

Hubby and I have added a new member to the family. 



Everyone, this is Rocky.  He’s a 3 month old boxer mix puppy that came to live with us about three weeks ago.  He weighs about 25 pounds and is 15 inches high at the shoulder.  At least he was last week when I took his measurements.  He doesn’t stay still for too long so it’s hard to get a good measurement of him.  Hubby named him Rocky because he thought it would be cute to have a boxer mix named Rocky (Rocky Balboa).  I wanted to call him Linus (Linus & Luci), but Hubby didn’t like that idea.  His nickname is Rocky J. Squirrel. 

His Mommy was very pregnant when she was dropped off at the local animal shelter.  He and his 12 siblings arrived shortly after Mommy arrived at the shelter.  As of today, all the siblings have found loving homes and Mommy is in foster care until she can find her forever home.  We met Mommy when we picked out Rocky and I can’t imagine why anyone would just leave her.  She had the sweetest face and dispositon I’ve ever seen in a dog.  Oh, and she looks a lot like Rocky.

It was love at first sight when Hubby saw Rocky . . . and when Rocky saw Hubby.  I wasn’t really ready for a new dog, but how could I resist that face?  And how could I resist Hubby’s face when he saw that cute little guy.


But most of all, I couldn’t stand to see Luci’s sad little face every day after Blacky passed away.  Even though it took a while for Blacky to warm up to her, Luci always loved Blacky.  She was moping around the house and I was starting to worry about her.  Luci loves her little brother and hasn’t left his side since the day he got here.  I don’t think she really understands what happened to Blacky and why he is gone, but she’s having a wonderful time playing with Rocky.  There are times when she looks at me like “isn’t it time for him to go away?” but overall she’s pretty happy with being the big sister.  Hubby said the house was entirely too quiet after Blacky passed away.  That’s not the case anymore.  I keep reminding myself that it will be spring soon and they’ll be outside romping.

The best part is . . . since it’s Hubby’s puppy . . . Hubby’s doing the potty training and the 3 am feedings.  Whoo hooo!!


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