Complaint Department

Okay, I’m whining. I admit it. I’ve had a rough couple of weeks and I deserve a whining session. Here’s a list of the top 10 things that I’m whining about today.

  1. Why do my patients wait until they take their last dose of medicine before they call me in a panic that they need a refill NOW?
  2. When I do move Heaven and Earth to get the meds for the patient, they decide it’s not such an emergency and don’t pick up the meds . . . for over a week!
  3. Do they honestly think that they will get faster service if they give me a heart wrenching sob story as to why they need an appointment to see the doctor TODAY?
  4. I spend all morning preparing for a regularly scheduled monthly meeting and the people who attend the meeting EVERY MONTH are always a half hour late!
  5. Those meeting packets that I spent all morning preparing? Almost all of them end up in the shredding bin.
  6. I’m still dealing with this cold and I’m still short of breath with the constricted airways. Makes for very interesting phone calls to patients.
  7. I’m getting better slowly but surely. The key word here is slowly. The doc told me that it will be a full two weeks before I’m all better.
  8. The only time we hear from Hubby’s Ex is when she wants something. This time she wants us to make a trip to visit Princess for her 35th birthday next month. I’m not even speaking to Princess, why would I drive 700 miles round trip to visit for her birthday?
  9. I know that I should be grateful that Hubby cleans the house. But does he have to rearrange the knick knacks every time? I can’t find anything anymore. Most of the time he’s moved something to a totally different room or packed it away in storage.
  10. I’m getting used to having Rocky around. I admit that he’s an adorable little guy and I’m glad that Luci loves him so much. So why do I keep calling him Blacky?

I know that I have a case of the mid-winter blahs and that’s what’s causing the whining session. I’ve had Seasonal Affectional Disorder for years so this isn’t anything new for me. I’m sick of the dreary cold weather. I’m sick of being stuck in the house. Losing Blacky last month didn’t help. Having a nasty head/chest cold that’s bordering on pneumonia isn’t helping. I’m remembering to do all the stuff that I need to do to help myself feel better. But sometimes I really just want to throw a temper tantrum and smack someone up side their head. But if I can’t do that, I’ll eat chocolate. Tonight’s choice is Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs.


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