Happy Valentine’s Day

I’m home alone on Valentine’s Day evening. 
Oh, don’t feel bad for me.  I’m actually enjoying a quiet evening home alone with Luci and Rocky.  I need to go out a little later to get some paper towels (raising a puppy requires lots of them) and something special for supper.  (Taco Bell here I come.)  I’m watching my favorite movie (Love Actually) on TV and I’ll be watching the weekly update of The Young and The Restless after that.  Oh, and Graham Norton on BBC America.  Trust me.  It’s way more fun here than you might think. 
Hubby is at a bowling tournament.  It’s here in town.  Not far away and I could have gone with him if I wanted.  I’ve done the Valentine’s Day evening at the bowling alley before and it’s not something that I care to repeat.  Besides, Hubby and I have already done the Valentine’s Day thing earlier today.  We did the present thing. We did some errands together.  Besides, we’ve been together for almost 27 years.  That alone is the best Valentine’s present.  Besides, he’s going to make it up to me in April for our 25th wedding anniversary . . . he just doesn’t know it yet. 
So while Hubby is bonding with the guys, I’m here with my puppies, my soaps, my cough drops, my inhaler, and my Kleenex. 
Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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One response to “Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. Beth

    You should know that you gave me your sore throat via cyber space and now I feel crappy. LOL Y&R took all kinds of wicked twists this week and I guess we are finally going to be told again that Kay and Jill are not really mother and daughter. I kind of figured that would happen and that would leave Mac who is coming back on the show free to make a play for Billy???

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