Believe or not, Rocky’s not the cause of my exhaustion.  It’s a stupid cold that won’t get better.  I’ve had a stuffy nose and a cough for a few days, but now it’s been joined by a sore throat.  That’s where I give in and go to the doctor.  It’s probably strep.  It’s always strep.  I hate that test. 
Rocky is doing well adapting to life here at the Big Dog House.  Hubby has been the one getting up with him in the middle of the night.  We’re not having any luck with the crate training, but we are getting along well with the potty training.  Rocky had his first visit to the vet on Wednesday.  Another task that Hubby has stepped up to the plate on.  What a big help that is!  Rocky is a healthy boy although he has a bit of an ear infection that requires drops twice a day.  The third set of shots and his neuter surgery is scheduled for next month.  I’m not looking forward to Rocky running through the house for a week or two with a lampshade on his head. 
Luci is adapting nicely to her role as big sister.  Poor little thing was scared to pieces that Rocky wasn’t coming back after his vet visit.  They didn’t leave each other’s sight all day yesterday. 
Right now, I have a date with some Nyquil and a warm blanket.  Oh, and a puppy or two on my feet.  The only good part of this cold . . .

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