Now I’ve Done It

When I was feeling yucky the other day, I just knew that sooner or later Hubby was going to get whatever I had.  It’s an undisputable law of nature.  Especially when there’s just the two of us living in the house.  Just as I was feeling better . . . he started with the same symptoms.  But, in true Hubby fashion, his symptoms are way worse than mine. Poor baby is going through the cold medicines like their candy.  Getting him to eat is a full time job.  If he doesn’t feel good, he doesn’t want to eat.  Nothing tastes good . . . except ice cream.  After 25 years of marriage, I’ve never understood that logic.  But at least he’s eating something.
We’re getting a nice little winter storm today so I’m stuck in the house all day with him.   A sick, whining husband who is complaining about everything.  He said yesterday that even his hair hurts. 
Please say some prayers for me. 


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2 responses to “Now I’ve Done It

  1. Beth

    Poor thing. Well, men always hurt worse than women. That is a well known fact and we women have to grin and bear it. Believe me, after they are gone, you wish they were back so you could take care of them again.

  2. Nadine

    Feel better!! Not a good time to have a cold.

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