The stress of the last few weeks has finally caught up with me.  I’ve got a bug of some sort.  No real symptoms, just a general tiredness and achyness.  I came home from work early today and have been camping out on the couch.  Hubby had to work today and he’s bowling tonight so I’m here all alone.  Well, not totally alone.  I have two very capable caregivers . . . Blacky and Luci.  Bless their hearts, they’re right here beside me.  
Since I don’t really have any real symptoms (yet?!), I’m thinking that it’s just a matter of my body finally telling me that I’ve done enough and that it’s time for me to slow down a little and take care of myself.  I have to admit that I’ve been running at a pretty fast pace for quite some time and it’s time that I slow down a little bit.  Yea, I say that now that I feel like a truck has hit me and I’m napping on the couch.  But will I continue the slower pace once I feel better?  Don’t hold your breath on that one.  After all, there’s still a household to run, a MIL to look after, my job, and the doggies to take care of.  But I will certainly try to remember that I have to figure in the equation somewhere. 
In the meantime . . . my caregivers are reminding me that it’s time for supper.

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  1. Beth

    Take care of yourself, if you don\’t who will? I hope you feel better really soon.

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