What’s She Doin?

I’m okay.  The follow up visit with the cardiologist has been changed to Christmas Eve.  When I complained to the scheduler about such a long wait, she assured me that if it were serious the doctor would have called within 24 hours of the test.  Okay, so it’s not serious enough for a same day phone call but important enough for me to come back for a consult. . . on Christmas Eve.  Yea, I know I should be grateful for the fact that it’s not serious instead of being annoyed at the wait.  But if it turns out to be a stress thing . . . don’t they think the stress of waiting THREE WEEKS for results would be bad for my health.  Bleah. 
Speaking of stress . . . MIL has decided she wants to have Christmas Eve dinner at her house.  And she’s doing the cooking.  I give up on that one.  I’ll just be sure to arrive a the appointed time with the deviled eggs.  Any offers from me to help have been pooh-poohed by her.  More Bleah. 
Weird weather.  Snow one day, ice the next, then rain.  It’s a wonder we don’t all have pneumonia or some kind of cold. 
Bright spot of the day . . . sitting on the floor with Luci and Blacky and having them fall asleep in my lap. 


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3 responses to “What’s She Doin?

  1. Beth

    I know the agony of waiting for results too. I had a needle biopsy done last Friday and I see the doctor on the 22nd for the results. Don\’t worry about what to take to your MIL. Just eat what she fixes. You remind me so much of me at your age, stressed over everything. I have ended up with all kinds of health problems as a result. Just relax and if there is nothing there that is good to eat but your deviled eggs, than just eat them.

  2. Bill

    My uncle had the same problem. He found out in early December that he "might" have prostate cancer, but the followup visit was for January 5th. Luckily, everything turned out OK; and the doctor told him that if it had turned out to be serious, they would have called him in early…But still…you think they\’d be able to turn it around faster or something….

  3. Nadine

    I lean to this school of thought….It needs attention but not so serious that they are rushing you into surgery. They say….and I don\’t know who THEY are….but having pets is a good stress reliever. Hugs!!Merry Christmas

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