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Not Much Fun

Hubby’s back is better.  He still has a couple of chiropractor appointments before he gets the all clear, but he’s well on his way back to normal.  Makes me a very happy girl.
MIL is adapting to the fact that she’s going to be on oxygen for the rest of her life.  She’s still fighting us on getting a flu shot like the lung doc recommended but the fact that she’s still got some spunk in her is very encouraging. 
I’m scheduled to be on vacation next week.  That way Hubby and I can get ready for having The Family Thanksgiving at our house this year.  Since MIL is on oxygen, she can’t be within 5 feet of an open flame and she’s got a gas stove.  She’s a very picky eater and highly critical of other people’s cooking so it should be a fun time for all involved.  BTW, there’s only going to be the three of us at Thanksgiving dinner.  Jr and his family have plans with his girlfriend’s family and Hubby’s sister hasn’t decided if she’s going to come to dinner or not.  My family is having a big to-do at Mom and Dad’s house.  We could take MIL out there, but we did that once and it wasn’t fun for anyone.  I promised I’d never put myself or my family through that ever again.
But the biggest news . . . I need a root canal done to one of my molars.  The tooth is cracked and slightly abcessed.  Ouch.  Root canal is scheduled for December 1.  Yea, you read that right.  AFTER Thanksgiving.  Hopefully the pain meds and the antibiotics will kick in and it won’t hurt as bad as it does right now. 
And let’s not forget the heart monitor test that’s scheduled for tomorrow morning. 
Who knew that turning 45 would be so rough!?


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