I’m tired of whining and I’m pretty sure you’re tired of listening to me whine.  There is some fun in my life . . .
Tonight was trick or treat in My Little Town.  Started at 6 and ended at 8 p.m.  We had a really pathetic turn out.  Less than 50 kids.  I remember the days when we had close to 200.  Oh dear I sound like an old lady.  I got off work at 5, hurried home and had supper, then Hubby and I sat outside and passed out candy until 7:30.  We were cold and there weren’t any more kids so we turned off the light and closed the front door.  Hubby’s excited that we have lots of candy left.  Blacky’s excited because all the strange people aren’t walking past the house anymore.  Luci’s the only sad one in the family.  She thought everyone was coming to visit her.  It was hard to keep her wiggly butt on the front porch.  We made an amazing discovery – the smaller the kid the more excited they were to see Luci.  The little kids loved her and the big kids were terrified of her.  I really thought it would be the other way around.  Of course, she doesn’t know a stranger so it was a big party for her. 
Another Luci story.  Earlier this week it was cold and rainy when we took our evening walk.  At one point it was actually sleeting.  Yep, sleet.  Like winter time sleet.  Blech!  But we were in the middle of our walk and we had to get home.  Ordinarily, Luci doesn’t mind rain or sleet, but this time it got her her eyes and she would stop every few steps to wipe her paws over her eyes.  I just wish I had a camera with me. 
Yesterday was the Halloween party at work.  We got to wear costumes.  I’m not a big costume person but I’ll take advantage of a chance to wear jeans to work.  I wore my beloved 49ers jersey (#16 – Joe Montana), my jeans and my tennis shoes.  I was Pam on Sunday Afternoon During Football Season.  I didn’t win a prize, but I was comfortable.  It was a bright spot in my week.
Hubby has taken up the task of going to the grocery store for me on Friday’s.  Since he’s off on Friday’s now, he volunteered.  At first I was a little leery of him doing this for me because he always spends too much money.  But I gave him a list and a budget and he’s been doing very well.  He’s always under budget and understands now how expensive things are.  It is a little odd to not go to the store but it’s a big help – especially now that MIL needs our help.  
I know it’s not very exciting, but it’s been a rough week.  


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3 responses to “Nonsense

  1. Beth

    Good for hubby for shopping for you.  Jim was a better shopper than I am.  I am the one that is tempted by impulse buys.  No matter what aisle I go down in the store I always find something to buy from it.
    Too bad you didn\’t get some pics of Blacky and Luci and a few of the trick or treaters.

  2. Amber

    I\’ll say you have had a rough week. But I would say delegating something like grocery shopping to a willing husband is definitely a step in the right direction!

  3. Susan

    Sounds like you and Hubby have the grocery thing worked out.  How\’s it going to be running two households?  Is MIL doing okay?  Cold and sleet.  Wow.  Can you believe Christmas is less than two months away?  That means one thing…..In two months it will be over!  I am not a Christmas fanatic.  The commercialization of Christmas has me on the other side of things.  It drives me nuts. 
    Anyway….Hugs to you Pam!

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