Official Verdict

The verdict is in.  Hubby and I are officially old.  There are certain milestones that are unmistakeable.  Once you hit them, you just know that you are old, old, old.
We hit one of those milestones yesterday afternoon.  Figuratively not literally.
Hubby and I have been chosen by our local Board of Elections to be poll workers for the upcoming Presidential election.  Now, I don’t know about your neck of the woods, but around these parts the poll workers are senior citizens that have been working in the same precinct for years.  Once you get in, you’re there for life.  I had been trying for years to get on as a poll worker, but with no luck.  But somehow this year they accepted my application.  And Hubby decided he wanted to be part of the fun too.  We filled out our applications.  We went to a training class.  Then we waited for our assignment.  
We got the news yesterday afternoon.  It’s official.  We’ll be working at a precinct not far from our house.  And they will keep us in mind if (and when) a two spots in our precinct opens up.  For now, I’m excited that I get to be part of the fun on Election Night. 
It just hasn’t hit me yet that it’s going to be an extremely long day.  Polls open at 6:30 a.m. and close at 7:00 p.m. 
One of the things we needed to do to prepare for the job was fill out an absentee ballot.  Just in case we weren’t assigned in our precinct.  That way we would still be able to vote.  Yes, we’ve done our civic duty and voted.  Now that I’ve made my decision and turned in my ballot, it’s pretty freeing to know that I can watch the debates and the commercials purely for entertainment value.  
No, I’m not going to tell you how I voted.  But I will tell you that you need to go out and vote.  Remember that the election isn’t just about the Presidential race.  It’s about the local school board that’s trying to pass a levy.  It’s about the local health department or the local parks district trying to get additional funding.  It’s about your local sherriff, your county commissioners, your state representatives.  It’s about state issues. Find as much information as you can and make an informed decision.  Remember, you can’t complain about the state of the government if you don’t exercise your rights as an American and VOTE!!


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4 responses to “Official Verdict

  1. Beth

    I definitely will vote.  You can count on it!
    Congrats on getting to be a poll worker.

  2. Nadine

    Old?? how \’bout you are the youngest pollsters??? That\’s what I do when Roy and I do something that causes us to be surrounded by oldies.
    I have a question…When CNN is already counting the electorial votes to see who will win….why should I waste my time voting??

  3. Dori

    I am doing it for the first time also – was called the night before the Sept 2 primary cause someone was ill – so no training but managed to do the electronic voting machine with not much difficulty.  The hardest part was setting it up, tearing it down, and uploading the ballot totals to headquarters.
    Anyway, for the General, I went to the training and was surprised cause there were quite a few \’younger\’ people.  It IS a long day, dear, 15 to 16 hours.  They warned us at the training it would be very long as there are so many new registrations.  Almost half the people have early balloting, but that still leaves a ton of people.  I really enjoyed working the primary, and I just bet you two enjoy working the General.  What are your jobs ????

  4. Big Dog Mom

    @Dori – We\’re going to be a Judge – which means we aren\’t the one in charge of the entire thing.  We\’ll just help with the set up of the machines, making sure everyone is in the right voting place, handing out ballots and handing out the "I voted" stickers.  (A very important part of the process!)  We have to be there at 5:30 a.m (gasp!) and will be there until everyone has voted and the machines are safely back at the Board of Elections office.  But the chance to be a part of history is way worth it!!
    @Nadine . . . Even if CNN is predicting a winner, you should still vote.  I think that CNN should keep their opinion to themselves until after all the polling places have closed.  You still have your right and privilege to cast a vote for the President of the United States.  Don\’t let CNN or anyone take that from you.  Besides, you never know, CNN might get it wrong.  And like I said, it\’s not just about the race for the White House.  There\’s still all your state and local races that need your input. 
    @Beth . . . Yea!  Think of me and Hubby when you\’re voting on November 4.  And when you\’re at home watching the election results at home . . .

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