I Hate Yard Sales

Yard sales are a bunch of work and extremely boring at the same time.  It takes forever to get the stuff out and priced before the customers start arriving.  Then you sit around the rest of the weekend waiting for people to show up and haggle over quarters and dimes. 
I hate yard sales and every time I participate in one I’m reminded exactly why I hate them and I swear I’ll never do it again. 
Yea, right.  Like Hubby says . . . It’s nice to have a dream.
We spent today having the yard sale at MIL’s house.  It’s supposed to be MIL’s yard sale, but we both knew we would be doing the bulk of the work.  SIL showed up in time for the boring "wait for customers" part of the day.  After Hubby and I got all the stuff out and priced.  I’m sure she’ll be back tomorrow again in time for the "wait for customers" part.  Oh, and the free lunch.  She showed up today in time for the lunch run to Mickey D’s. 
I totally understand doing the bulk of the work for MIL.  Her health just isn’t good enough for her to do all the work by herself.  She’s got COPD and it’s getting worse lately.  I’m surprised she was able to gather up all the stuff she did.  I totally understand MIL’s need to downsize and get rid of some of the clutter that’s been in that house over the last 30 years.  What I don’t understand isSIL’s cavalier attitude about MIL and the fact that she needs more help these days.  Can she not see how MIL’s health has slipped in the last couple of years?  Why isn’t she more involved in helping with MIL?  Hubby is the baby of the family of four kids, but for some reason the responsibility for taking care of the parents has fallen solely on his (and mine) shoulders.  The family dynamic is completely unlike anything I’ve ever seen in my life.  Compared to his family, my family is the WaltonsBut I digress and that’s a blog for another day.
Good news is that the weather is perfect for a yard sale.  We had good traffic and MIL sold quite a bit of stuff.  We were joking with her that she’s probably made enough to cover the cost of replacing all the food she lost in the power outage last week. 
BTW – Hubby and I did tell her that she didn’t have to tough out the power outage all alone.  She was more than welcome to come to the house for breathing treatments, hot meal, clean laundry, watching Y&R (she’s a bigger fan than me!).  But she "tsk, tsk"d the whole speech and said she was just fine there at home. 
I keep repeating to myself . . . Just one more day.  Just one more day. 


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2 responses to “I Hate Yard Sales

  1. Beth

    I don\’t like getting ready for a garage sale but once I get everything organized I enjoy visiting with the people who come to shop.  I can usually beg my daughter to come and help me.

  2. Susan

    Y & R?  Oh boy.  Since I have been off work, I got addicted.  But that will have to go away now.  Oh well….If it\’s any consolation, I hate yard sales, too.  I\’ll donate to Goodwill or throw away before I go through all that hassle!  Either I\’m lazy, or I think I have better things to do!  Like take pictures and blog!

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