Never Say Never Again

First an update on MIL’s power situation.  Saints be praised, she has power.  It finally kicked in about 9:30 tonight.  Should make the weekend a little more tolerable.
Why, you ask.  Well, see, Hubby and I will be spending the weekend at MIL’s helping her with a (groan!) yard sale.  I know I said I was never having another yard sale again as long as I lived.  Or at least for a very long time.  But MIL had some stuff in the basement that she wants to get rid of and Hubby and I agreed to help her.  It’s going to be a two day sale and anything that doesn’t sell is going to the Goodwill store. 
At least we’re going to have lovely weather.  And hopefully she’ll sell alot of things and make some money.  I’ll be able to spend some time working on my cross stitch and reading when we don’t have customers. 
But I swear this is my last yard sale . . . . for this year! 

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One response to “Never Say Never Again

  1. Beth

    I always say that too, no more yard sales but I always give in and do it anyway.  I hope your mil\’s sale is a huge success!

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