Slowly But Surely

Things are slowly coming back to normal here in Small City USA.  Schools were closed on Monday and on a two-hour delay on Tuesday.  There are a couple of elementary schools that are still closed because they don’t have power.  Ice, generators, candles, and batteries are in short supply.  A few of the grocery stores had to get rid of a lot of stuff in their freezers because of the power outage.  You hear chainsaws and wood chippers all the time.  It still looks a little strange driving through town with all the damaged trees.  
The power outage is also making it very interesting at work.  A couple of our facilities are without phone and computers – and it’s going to get worse before it gets better.  Something about the strain being placed on the phone lines because of the power outage.  I don’t really understand how it works, I just know we have to have a contingency plan to be able to service our clients in the meantime.  A lot of our clients don’t have electricity or phone service so there’s been an increase in the numbers of walk in clients we see during the day.  
MIL still doesn’t have power.  And she still doesn’t want to come stay with us.  Hubby and I check on her several times during the day.  We even offered to have her come over for supper last night and take a shower if she wanted.  She said she’s fine and she’ll wait it out at home.  In the dark.  With no TV.  Yes, she would rather complain about the power outage than take us up on our offer to help.  Grrr.
Jr. and his family have power again.  Their power came back on late yesterday afternoon.  We offered to have them come over for supper, too, but they were happy to have a hot supper in their own house.  They came over to get the stuff out of our freezer last night after they made sure the power was going to stay on.  So life is back to normal for them. 
It’s still going to take a while for everything to be back to normal here in Small City USA.  But at least we’re making some progress. 


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3 responses to “Slowly But Surely

  1. Susan

    Isn\’t it amazing how a storm could be so far reaching?  I was out poking around yesterday and saw a lot of damage.  My little neighborhood is relatively okay, sans the neighbors shed.  But other places look like a mini war zone. 
    Keep your chin up, girl.  This too shall pass. 

  2. Beth

    Slowly but surely things will get back to normal.  Please try and make allowances for your MIL.  I probably wouldn\’t want to leave my house either. 

  3. June

    Progress is good!  I can\’t believe the power of those storms and the devastation that they cause!  Ditto on what Susan said – this too shall pass – hopefully it passes sooner than later.
    Take care,

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