ohnoshedidn’t #2!!

We can always count on Princess to add a little drama in our life.  (As if there isn’t enough drama going on this week.)  We haven’t talked to her since the Labor Day Trip Home Fiasco.  She called while we were out over the weekend and left a short message that everybody was okay and that she’d call back on Monday.  As of tonight, she hasn’t called back.  
We did, however, get a phone call from one of those payday loan places in the town where she lives.  They’re looking for her and she gave our phone number as a reference.  I didn’t ask for any details but promised I’d pass the message along the next time we hear from her.  They seemed a little surprised that I didn’t have a phone number for her.   
I explained that we live about 350 miles away from her and we last heard from her over Labor Day weekend.  I did promise that I’d pass the message along the next time we heard from her.   
Anybody want to make a bet on how long it’ll be until I get to pass that message along . . .


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3 responses to “ohnoshedidn’t #2!!

  1. Susan

    OMG!  Pam, she is awful!  (I\’m sorry.  Don\’t let Hubby read that) I had a friend who put my number down on a car loan.  She lived in Indianapolis and I live here in NW Tn.  I never talked to anyone directly, but they left a couple of messages asking me to have her call them.  Well I\’m not Ma Bell Answering Service or whatever.  I pushed #7.  That\’s the delete button on my voice mail…..

  2. Big Dog Mom

    @Susan – The only reason I called back was to let them know she didn\’t live here and that I didn\’t have a way to contact her.  That way they won\’t keep calling.  I did tell Hubby about the phone call just in case they would happen to call again.  She tends to call when I\’m not here.  I\’m guessing that\’s so she won\’t have to talk to me.  And, yes, I agree that this is awful.  I wonder how many other such phone calls we\’re going to get. 

  3. Nadine

    When my daughter did this….I didn\’t even answer the phone. The loancompany would leave a message but I never called them back. and after a couple of weeks they stopped calling.

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