Gone With The Wind

I’ve lived in Ohio my entire life.  I’m used to blazing hot summers where the temps can reach over 100 degrees with 100% humidity.  I’ve been through two blizzards.  It’s nothing for it to be -20 degrees in January.  We learn about tornado drills in elementary school.  Typical Midwestern weather.  But the weather warnings that we got yesterday were anything but typical. 
I really didn’t think anything about the high wind advisory.  We get them from time to time when there’s a serious weather front coming through.  But these winds were different.  It was sunny and clear.  No clouds.  No rain.  Usually it’s raining and cloudy when we get these kinds of winds.  It started about 2 p.m. and lasted until after 8 p.m.  We got wind gusts of 70 mph.  After it was all over, the weather guys said it was comparable to a Level 1 Hurricane.  Oh dear. 
Hubby and I were lucky.  We didn’t have any significant damage to the house.  The corner of the roof on the garage peeled back a little bit.  Hubby was able to fix it this afternoon.  We had the big trees taken out of the front yard earlier this summer and it’s probably a good thing.  I don’t think those old trees would have survived the windstorm.  The lights went out a couple of times but were only out for a max of 45 minutes.  Life is back to normal for us. 
Unfortunately, it’s not back to normal for MIL and Jr. 
MIL hasn’t had power since Sunday afternoon and it looks like she might not get it back until the end of the week.  There were some large limbs down in her front yard.  The corner of the roof on her house peeled back.  She’s waiting for a claims adjuster to come out and take a look at the damage.  We told her she could come and stay with us but she’s not having any of it.  She wants to stay in the house with her little dog. 
Jr. and his family hasn’t had power since Sunday afternoon either.  They had gone to the grocery on Saturday and was afraid that everything in the freezer would spoil if the power didn’t come on quick.  Hubby and I made room in the freezer for their stuff.  We made the same offer to them to come and stay with us.  Or at least take showers, come for supper, do laundry.  They said they were fine.
Schools were closed yesterday and they might be closed again today.  There are parts of town that have no power and the reports are that the power won’t be back on until the end of the week.  I went out last night to check on MIL and Jr and it was just spooky driving through town.  There are trees down all over the place.  Houses have had siding and shingles blown off.  Some of the local grocery stores and fast food places are closed because of no power.  It looks like a tornado went through town.  It’s pretty spooky.  
When you say your prayers for those affected by Hurricane Ike . . . don’t forget to include those affected by the tail end of the storm.  


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2 responses to “Gone With The Wind

  1. Beth

    That is really odd.  We  had straight line winds of 90 miles an hour once but the wind accompanied a severe thunderstorm.  I am glad you are all OK!

  2. Susan

    Ike did a number on all the midwest I think.  Glad you\’re okay.  We reaped some of the same effects as you–trees snapped, shingles gone.  We kept power in the City, but the County lost power for a while. 
    Thank goodness He\’s gone and the clean ups have begun.

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