September 11

Seven years ago.  It was seven years ago.  Is that even possible?  I’m sitting here watching TV with the doggies and Hubby and I’m remembering that awful day.
When I heard about the first plane crashing into the tower, I thought how can you crash into the World Trade Center.  Then the second tower was hit and the world changed forever.  We spent the day watching TV in the boardroom.  I drove home thinking that it was unbelievable that something so horrible could happen on such a beautiful fall day.  There was something surreal about that day – nothing but news on the radio, no planes in the air, not much traffic on the road home.  I was working in The Big City and had a 45 minute commute home that day. 
Once I got home, Hubby and I had supper and then I had a quick errand to run across my little hometown.  What surprised me the most was the long lines at the gas stations.  There weren’t many people out and about – but all of the gas stations were packed. 
After my errand, I came home and watched the news.  That’s all that was on and all that was on for several days. 
I read the blogs and the news websites today.  The thing that struck me the most today were the little kids at the services that must have been babies at the time of the attack or were born just after. They will never know a world without worry about terrorist attacks, September 11 will always be a somber day, they’ll never understand what we lost that day. 


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3 responses to “September 11

  1. Beth

    I will never forget that day as long as I live.

  2. Susan

    I will never forget 9/11 either.  And I swear I\’ll never forget where I was, what I saw first on the TV, what my first thoughts were and how the day was.  One of Lauren\’s caregivers said they need to let it go.  Maybe the media should.  I don\’t know.  But it\’s like December 7.  It is one of those days in American history that will be studied, dissected and analyzed for a long time to come.

  3. Big Dog Mom

    You\’re right – it\’s just like Pearl Harbor and we should never let it go.  We can\’t ever forget that day or those who lost their lives just going to work.  They weren\’t in a war zone.  They weren\’t in the military.  They were just going to work.  If we ever forget that day, we will most certainly repeat it. 

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