Pure Joy

I’ll admit that I’ve been in a bit of a "MOOD" the last few days.  All the drama with Princess and the Ex sucked some of the fun out of my lovely long holiday weekend.  Then I went back to work and the patients have sucked some of the fun out of my week.  Geeze, you’d think that a three day holiday was the end of the world.  But I digress.  Today is one of my most favorite days of the year.  It ranks up there with Christmas, Beggar’s Night, My Birthday, and My Anniversary. 
It’s Luci’s Birthday!!! 
Actually, it’s Luci’s THIRD BIRTHDAY.  The birthday that EVERYONE told me would signify the end of puppyhood and would be the beginning of a beautiful relationship with a calm(er), loving labrador.  See, when Luci was a baby puppy she was a holy terror on four legs.  She chewed the latice off the deck.  She would dig to holes that Hubby swore went all the way to China.  She had trouble with the come when called command.  She chewed up my favorite Old Navy flip flops.  She tried to chew on Hubby’s pride and joy apple tree.  She grabbed my Grandma’s antique hand made doilies off the coffee table and took them in to her crate with her.  She destroyed every doggie bed we bought to put in her crate.  She chewed on the antenna of my brand new cell phone.  She would get up in the middle of the night to go potty and think it was time to play.  Ever see a grown woman in her nightgown chase a little puppy in circles in the back yard at 3 a.m.?  Trust me, it’s not funny . . . or pretty.  But EVERYONE told me that she’d out grow it and she’s settle down and be a calm lab just like my beloved Goldie by the time she turned three.  After all, Goldie was a bit of a wild child when we first got her (she was 2-1/2 at the time) and settled down around her third birthday.  So for the last three years I’ve been anxiously awaiting THE BIG DAY WHEN LUCI TURNED THREE
Grant, she has calmed down some as she’s gotten older.  But some of that is learning to avoid potential problems before they happen.  I’ve learned that a good mixture of vinegar and lime juice will keep Luci from chewing things she isn’t supposed to.  I’ve learned to appreciate the "less is more" approach of home decorating and there isn’t anything delicate out below Luci’s nose level.  I’ve learned that Luci is extremely food motivated – hence her little weight problem.  But she still has some of that evil puppy spunk.  She likes to romp in the pool and then roll in the dirt – even though there is a beautiful patch of lush green grass right next to the dirt.  She will play fetch until she can’t run anymore, take a short nap and be ready for action before you know it.  She will jump and wiggle and prance if she thinks she’s going for a walk and she’ll pull me along if she doesn’t think I’m moving fast enough.  Or if she happens to spot one of her adoring fans waiting to visit with her.  (Yes, she has a fan club.  Neighbors that know what time we go walking and wait on their front porches just to visit with us.  It’s the most amazing thing!) 
I have to agree, everyone was right.  The evil puppy days didn’t last forever. We did survive them.  I’m starting to believe that she doesn’t have an evil plan to make me totally gray.  I am sleeping through the night again.  Well, except for the night sweats – but that’s another story.  I’m starting to see a blending of the calm devoted lab that was Goldie and the evil she devil that was Luci as a puppy.  Right now, I’ve got the best of both worlds and it’s pretty good.   
Yes, we did have a bit of a birthday party tonight for Luci’s.  Hubby is bowling tonight so it was just me, Blacky and Luci.  We had a pool party.  It was 95 degrees when I got off work tonight so I thought it would be a perfect evening for a pool party.  I changed into my play clothes – no, not a swim suit.  Please, the neighbors don’t deserve such a shock!  Just shorts and a t-shirt.  Got out the baby pool and put in just enough water for Luci and Blacky to splash around in.  Sprayed them both until they were totally wet.  Then put out the sprinkler.  That way they could take turns.  When Luci was in the pool, Blacky would splash in the sprinkler.  Then Luci would get in the sprinkler and Blacky would get in the pool.  After the cannonball incident a couple of summers ago, Blacky doesn’t like to be in the pool with Luci.  
There are gifts – tennis ball rings, squishy balls, tennis balls – and extra doggie treats and even a goofy Mommy singing Happy Birthday to the Birthday Girl.  Yes, I’m silly like that.  Blacky joined in with the singing, too.  At least I think he was joining.  It could be the fact that Mommy’s singing was really just that bad.  
So today (or at least the last part of the day) has been pure joy.  Nothing like a birthday party to brighten a girl’s day.  Especially when I’m not the one getting older.  


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6 responses to “Pure Joy

  1. Beth


  2. Debbie

    Happy Birthday Luci! I loved this post!  Nothing like having fun with your pets to put a smile on your face.  It made me happy reading this and thanks for sharing.  May God bless you and yours! Your hubby missed out on a party for sure!  Hope he gets some strikes tonight!  Hugs, Deb

  3. Susan

    Happy Birthday to Luci!

  4. Big Dog Mom

    @ Deb – In honor of Luci\’s birthday, Hubby bowled a 666 series tonight.  See, Luci\’s full name is Lucifer Raphael . . . because she could be a little devil and a little angel at the same time.  When she was a baby puppy, I told her quite often that if she wasn\’t so cute, she\’d be in big trouble. 

  5. Susan

    OMG!  Couldn\’t Hubby not have bowled a 666?  **Jeesh!**  I had a dog one time whose name was also Lucy.  She was actually Lucinda, but when she was bad, which was quite often, I called her Lucifer!  Too funny.
    what I came here to tell you was this:  Talladega is nothing short of AWESOME.  I mean, it\’s a 2 1/2 mile track.  The first time I saw it was in the early morning hours, standing on the platform between turn four and the tri oval.  And it was foggy at the opposite end of the track and it was a haze.  That is HUGE.  Imagine standing high above something and looking in toward the other end a mile and a half away (almost) and not being able to see it.  WOW.  And when they come out of the trioval headed into turn one (that\’s were my seats were) and it roars like a freight train and they\’re tucked underneath each other, it\’s just makes all your senses explode.  I sure hope you\’re a NASCAR fan now that I\’ve babbled on about it…..

  6. June

    We had a black lab when I was little.  She chewed up everything!  Even the redwood patio furniture – the whole set of furniture! 
    Happy Birthday Luci!

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