Let Dreaming Dogs Lie

The party went off without a hitch – just like always. 
My cold seems to be gone for the time being.  It could be a ragweed allergy.
I’m still freezing.  Hubby has cranked the AC up (down?). 
Luci and Blacky were very well behaved considering 15 people invaded their space for the afternoon. 
The rain that was predicted?  It showed up right on time . . . about the time we were sitting down to eat.  Half of us were in the house and the other half were out under the tent in the back yard.  It didn’t rain long . . . just off and on a little bit until everyone left.  Then we had a big downpour.  It could have been a lot worse, I suppose!
They’re both sleeping now.  Luci is dreaming of something wonderful, I’m sure.  Her little feet are twitching.  Her lip is curling up and she’s making little growling noises.  It’s so cute. 
Yea, the Crabby Appleton mood is gone . . .

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One response to “Let Dreaming Dogs Lie

  1. Susan

    I\’m glad Crabby Appleton is gone…..Hope you really are feeling much better.

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