Crabby Appleton

When I was a little girl and in a bad mood, Mom would call me Crabby Appleton.  Today I am in a Crabby Appleton mood. 
  • The weather here lately has been absolutely beautiful.  Low humidity, temps in the mid 70’s to low 80’s.  We haven’t had a 90 degree day . . . until today.  Today it’s over 90 with unbelievable humidity.  And I have a cold.  Stuffy nose and itchy, watery eyes.  I’m freezing because Hubby has the AC cranked up.  I played in the pool with Luci this afternoon and it probably wasn’t a good idea.
  • Mom’s birthday is tomorrow and her birthday party is going to be here at the house tomorrow afternoon.  Hubby and I have been working very hard to get the house and the food ready for the party. The siblings help out with some stuff but Hubby and I do the bulk of the stuff.  It’s always a stressful weekend for us and this year is no exception.  He’s twanging on my last nerve and I’m twanging on his.  If we get through the weekend without a major blow-out, it will be a miracle!
  • Like I mentioned earlier, it hasn’t rained in a couple of weeks.  Guess when the next rain storm is forecast for our area?  Tomorrow afternoon at 3 p.m.  Right about the time that everybody is supposed to arrive for Mom’s party.
  • Didn’t feel like cooking, so I grabbed something quick for supper at a local fast food joint.  Some inconsiderate slob pulled into their driveway and stopped by the front door rather than pull into a parking place.  I was right behind him.  Hungry.  Impatient.  Not polite.  It wasn’t pretty. 

I know it’s just the stress of the weekend.  I know the party will turn out beautifully.  In the meantime,

My name is Crabby Appleton,
and I am simply awful.
It does my heart a lot of good
to do a deed unlawful!
I’m fond of gloom, impending doom,
I think good deeds are sappy!
I laugh with glee, it pleases me
when everyone’s unhappy.

P.S.  The best antidote for my Crabby Appleton mood is Luci.  She refuses to let me sit and sulk in my bad mood.  She wants to play and she won’t stop until I get up and go outside with her.  It’s taken twice as long as normal to type this because she’s here with her toy bumping my elbow.  I just love that little dog!



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2 responses to “Crabby Appleton

  1. Susan

    Hello Ms. Crappy Appleton!  Nice to make your acquaintance.  Hee Hee….. You know we all have those moments.  And when the weather changes, I swear it\’s just a given.  We get all cranky and irritable and when you already have a cold it is pure YUCK!
    Hope your party goes off without a hitch, and if it rains, just play in it!

  2. Bill

    I am appropriating the Crabby Appleton song for use when things start getting crabby around here…Thanks!

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